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Cenote Carwash + Calavera (temple of doom)


Difficulty IntermediateDays Needed 1 DayDuration 5 Hs.Pickup Available Cancun, Cozumel-PDC Ferry Dock, Playa del Carmen, Tulum
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The Carwash cenote, also called Aktun-Ha, is located 8 km outside of Tulum on the road to Coba. The entrance to the cenote is easily accessible to divers since the level of the water is just a few inches below ground level.

With a depth of 50 feet and water temperature of 78 °F, this cenote is surrounded by rich flora and fauna from water lilies to turtles and occasional small crocodiles. The impressive display of speleothems (stalactites, stalagmites, and columns) never fails to draw the attention of divers. If you look closely, you’ll also see some pottery and fossils lying around.

During the summer, there is a build-up of algae cloud at the surface due to the decomposition of the plants. The water might appear murky in the first few meters but it clears out as you descend to reveal an amazing view below.

The Carwash cenote does not have a permanent guideline because it is frequently used for cavern and cave diving training sessions. Your guide is expected to place and remove a guideline during the dive.

The entrance of the Cavern is very wide with a lot of light penetration and has a screen of dead trees in front of it creating the cool effect of a drowned forest. Looking back out of the entrance from the Cavern through the silhouette of the trees at the green or red light streaming through the opening is a stunning sight and very popular with photographers. The rest of the cavern zone is very nicely decorated with many different types of formations that are chestnut brown/caramel in color. If you are very lucky you may get to see the ghost-like albino Blind Cave Fish during your cavern dive.

Max depth 16 m/ 50 ft

Safety first

It is important to do cavern diving with a certified and experienced local guide.
We choose the Cenotes based on the experience of the group.
We have small groups of 4 divers for each guide.
We recommend a refresher dive for beginners that have not been diving for over a year.

Daily trips

We go 2 times a day at 9:00 am or 11:00 am.

Main Features
  • Shallow diving.
  • Cavern diving.
  • Stunning light effects.
  • Similar to night dive.
  • Fresh water marinelife.
  • Small groups and private service.
  • Certified cavern guide.
What's Included
  • 2 dives
  • Full gear and dive torch.
  • Drinks.
  • *Advanced diver.
  • Open water diver + 10 dives.
  • Good bouyancy control.
  • Rest well and do not drink alcohol the night before. 
  • Don’t fly 18 hrs after diving.
  • Bring extra clothes and towel.